Couples Therapy / Counselling

Maybe you know one of these situations…


We have been arguing a lot for some time. We can’t find a solution to our problems.


We have grown apart over the years. It’s not like it used to be.


We are stuck in a relationship crisis and don’t know how to overcome it.

A couple relationship is not a long quiet river. There might be conflicts, frustration or a lack of tenderness. A difficult child, a move or an illness can put additional strain on the relationship. Feelings and expectations also change… and although you talk about your problems, you don’t find any way out.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!
I’m glad to invite you to a couple counselling session so that you can clarify important relationship issues and find your way back to each other.

There is not much difference between couple coaching, therapy and counseling. Therefore, I will alternate the use of these terms.

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How does a couples therapy work?

During the first session we clarify where the problems lie from your point of view and from your partner’s point of view. We define the goals of the couple therapy. I help you to better communicate with each other and to find solutions. You will also get methods and small exercises from me so that you can develop new habits in the relationship.

However, not all problems stem from the couple relationship. Some problems have their roots in your personal life and past. That is why I offer, if needed, separate individual coaching or psychotherapy sessions to work on personal issues.

Moreover, couple problems may have to do with difficulties in the family or with the children. In this case, I can offer a family therapy with the child concerned. 

Possible concerns for a couples coaching

  • Communication problems
  • Conflicts
  • Decision-making problems
  • Balance between work, couple and family
  • Drifting apart
  • Second marriage – patchwork family
  • Infidelity
  • Separation

Family therapy: Difficulties with a child or in the family

Good communication as a key factor

In conflict situations, many couples tend to blame and accuse each other. Thus, the situation easily escalates because everyone feels attacked and hurt.

In couples counseling you will learn to communicate according to the method of “Nonviolent Communication (NVC)” by Marshall Rosenberg. This way, you can express your feelings and needs without hurting the other person.

In addition, we often unconsciously expect the other person to behave or think like we do. Unfortunately or fortunately, the other person is different! During a couples coaching, you practice listening attentively to better understand your beloved.

The key to good communication: Talk lovingly and listen attentively.

Your relationship can be more fun again

During a couples therapy with me, you can look forward to:

  • communicating better with each other
  • addressing and solving conflicts
  • dealing better with difficult situations
  • finding ways so that both can unfold in the relationship
Über Prisca Engeler - Coach und Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye.

– Antoine de St. Exupéry –

The first step to a fulfilling relationship

    Would you like to improve or even save your relationship? Then I invite you to a first session. I look forward to getting to know you! 


    What my clients say

    Couple therapy: learning to listen to each other

    We came to see Prisca at a time in our relationship when we were stuck in an impasse. We couldn’t get out of it despite our endless conversations, we were always facing the same wall and the screams and arguments were getting worse. Not being able to get out of it anymore, we decided to turn to a third person, Prisca…

    After an initial session with the three of us to explain our situation, she suggested that we first see each other individually in order to better understand our personal view of the problem and our respective discomforts, before ending the therapy with a couple’s session in order to draw a conclusion on our progress.
    Throughout the sessions, Prisca was a great listener and helped us to see our crisis more clearly, especially by defining with each of us the steps we could take to move forward and improve the situation.
    Consulting Prisca allowed us to learn to listen to each other better, to take into account the fact that the other person does not think the same way as oneself, and also that in this conflict situation it is important to put things into perspective instead of letting them take on huge proportions, to take a step back from the problem and to realize that we have the same objective for our relationship, instead of letting it be defined by negative things, which is only destructive. Many thanks to Prisca.

    Nancy and Quentin


    Rapid and long-term relief from suffering through family therapy

    For a certain period of time, our family was facing important problems with consequences on the couple and the children. Faced with these difficulties and the suffering they caused, we decided to look for a therapist who could listen to us and propose solutions to help us recover the dialogue and get out of this crisis. We contacted Mrs. Engeler, who proposed a family therapy…

    In small groups, individual sessions, or family constellations, Mrs. Engeler was able to give voice to each person, always respecting confidentiality. In a spirit of balance, each family member could find his or her own place within the group, express him or herself freely and begin a path of personal healing. She was able to use tools adapted to each situation according to the needs of each person, alternating dialogue, role-playing, hypnosis, and constellations, always proposing concrete and easy-to-implement actions in everyday life.

    The results were impressive: In addition to the well-being and the rapid relief of suffering, the therapy allowed, in the longer term and for each member of the family, to take a step back from the group problems and to refocus one’s personal journey, by revealing one’s deepest aspirations.

    Looking back, we see how far our family has come and the present is more serene. If you too feel the need to talk, do not hesitate to do so with Mrs. Engeler. She is a competent professional, respectful of each person’s personality, and committed to her patients.

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    Marianne K.


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