PRISCA ENGELER Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie

Prisca Engeler

Coach and therapist with international background

I have been working as a coach and facilitator for personal development since 2007 and as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy since 2015. I am pragmatic, goal-oriented and at the same time able to go into depth and untangle the roots of problems.

I enjoy using my intuition and creativity to help you find your way to more fulfillment. I help you to live in harmony with yourself and to deal better with other people. And like the domino effect, it can have a big impact. This gives meaning to my work and inspires me.

These are magical moments…

When you:

  • suddenly get more clarity
  • see a light at the end of the tunnel
  • release inner blockades
  • are happy about your achievements
  • leave my practice with a smile on the face

    Brief outline

    • I was born in 1972 and raised in France. I studied business administration in France and completed an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Canada.
    • My first professional experience was in marketing in Germany and in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
    • Thereafter, I lived in Buenos Aires (Argentina) for four years where I became the mother of two sons.
    • In addition to German, English and French, I learned Portuguese and Spanish.
    • After returning to Germany, I completed numerous professional trainings and in 2007 I started my own business in the field of personal development as a coach and facilitator.
    • Since then, I have conducted numerous coaching sessions and seminars for private persons, institutes, companies, managers and teams.
    • In 2015 I passed the german exam to become a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie).
    • I opened my own practice for coaching and psychotherapy in downtown Frankfurt in 2017.

    Life is not a long quiet river…

    In my life, there have been many changes and upheavals, both privately and professionally. I know what it means to live in a new country, to change jobs, to be self-employed, to overcome life crises and separations and to have teenagers.

    All of these life experiences have been an opportunity for me to grow personally, even though it hasn’t always been easy. It has led to who I am today.

    In my practice you benefit from this life experience and my numerous professional trainings.

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    Qualifications and further trainings

    • Non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie)
    • NLP Master Practitioner (Neurolinguistic Programming)
    • System coach (family and organization constellations)
    • Trauma therapy:
      • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
      • PITT (Psychodynamic Imaginative Trauma Therapy)
      • ImTT (Image Transformation Therapy)
      • Grief counseling
      • Trauma and dissociation
    • Couples therapy
    • Psycho-kinesiology
    • Regression therapy
    • MET (Meridian Energy Therapy / Tapping Therapy)
    • Certified DVCT Trainer (German Association for Coaching and Training)
    • Training as a behavioral and communication facilitator (Train-The-Trainer)

    The most valuable thing in life is the development of the personality and its creative power.

    – Albert Einstein –


    What my clients say

    Getting energy to accomplish beautiful things

    I can’t thank Prisca enough for the work we did together. She is a trustworthy person who is very attentive and non-judgmental. She has helped me to move forward in my personal and professional life with more assurance thanks to practical tools. Thanks to her professionalism and her gentleness, you immediately feel confident and this gives you the energy to accomplish beautiful things in your life.

    Marine L.


    Overcoming an inner block

    Through a few specific questions, Prisca Engeler identified what was causing me problems: a blockage that was preventing me from moving towards my goal. After overcoming this blockage with Mrs. Engeler’s help, we worked together on concrete measures adapted to my professional and personal situation. I am very happy to recommend Mrs. Engeler as a coach.

    Ulrike W.


    Intuitive approach and purposefulness

    I like Prisca Engeler’s support as a coach on a wide variety of personal issues. I particularly appreciate
    1) her intuitive approach, which adapts very flexibly to me and my inner resistance,
    2) the right balance between giving impulses and letting them work in me, so that I can find my own visions and solutions with her support…

    3) her purposefulness, besides all flexibility, which does not lose sight of the goal worked out at the beginning until the end, and thus makes it very easy for me to orientate myself in the process and to finally clarify my issues.
    So: If you want to make progress with your personal issues, I can highly recommend Prisca Engeler!

    Elke K.


    Towards more clarity and serenity

    Prisca Engeler helped me through a coaching a year and a half ago for a blockage I had in my professional life. She helped me to take the necessary distance to stop letting my emotions overwhelm me and to deal with the situation from a more pragmatic and concrete point of view.

    This year again I called upon Prisca and her clear and caring approach for more personal reasons. Once again I thank her very warmly for what she brought me: serenity and clarity. Her listening without judgment, her humor, her kindness are very precious support when one is highly sensitive…

    What I particularly liked in her approach are all the various and concrete tools that she gave me and that I continue to apply on a daily basis. I highly recommend her and I will not hesitate to call on her services again when I need them.
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    Laurence N.


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    Coach & therapist


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