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Practice for Coaching and Psychotherapy in Frankfurt on the Main

Life and Business Coaching

Trauma Therapy and Couples Therapy

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It’s time to feel better

Release your burdens and inner blocks – towards more fulfillment and happiness

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English, German and French speaking therapy, coaching and counselling, on-site or online

Prisca Engeler Praxisräume in Frankfurt

My practice in the center of Frankfurt: Your space for more clarity and fulfillment.

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In my private Practice for Coaching and Psychotherapy in Frankfurt I help dissatisfied, stressed and psychological suffering people as well as warring couples on their way to more satisfaction.

As a coach and therapist, I support you in releasing old burdens in order to feel lighter and enjoy your life more. In a very flexible way, I help you to solve personal problems, difficulties in your couple and family, as well as professional challenges. I also work with teenagers.

My specialty is to combine coaching, therapy and seminar methods so that you can free yourself from inner blocks and find good solutions.

How long do you want to bear your situation?

Perhaps you have made difficult experiences in the past, you are currently facing a crisis or a challenge. You feel insecure, overwhelmed, exhausted… and don’t know what to do next.

Why wait any longer? It’s time to feel better!

Get professional support through a coaching, psychotherapy, trauma, couples or family therapy. I also work with teenagers.

You can change your life!

With a coaching or psychotherapy with me you can:

  • gain more clarity
  • clean up the past
  • solve inner conflicts and conflicts with others
  • strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • develop a strategy to achieve your goals

You can look forward to living more relaxed and in harmony with yourself.

My services for you

 English, German and French speaking – in the practice or online.

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– Adults and teenagers –
Develop yourself personally and professionally and improve self-confidence



– Adults and teenagers –
Clean up the past and feel better

Couples therapy

– Couples and families – 
Improve your communication and enjoy the relationship


– Adults and teenagers –
Develop yourself personally and professionally and improve self-confidence



– Adults and teenagers –
Clean up the past and feel better


– Couples and families –
Improve your communication and enjoy the relationship

Prisca Engeler

Coach and therapist

You benefit from my many years of experience: I have been working as a coach and facilitator for personal development since 2007 and as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy since 2015. I am pragmatic, goal-oriented and can go into depth to untangle the roots of the problem.

PRISCA ENGELER Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie
Prisca Engeler Titel

Let’s get to know each other


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You probably ask yourself how I can help you and if we fit together.

I invite you to a free preliminary session of 20 minutes. Or you can start with a first consultation of 50 minutes at a special price of €50.

You can make an appointment at short notice, even on Saturdays, evenings and online, and get support quickly. Sessions are possible in English, German and French.

I look forward to meeting you!


What my clients say

Getting energy to accomplish beautiful things

I can’t thank Prisca enough for the work we did together. She is a trustworthy person who is very attentive and non-judgmental. She has helped me to move forward in my personal and professional life with more assurance thanks to practical tools. Thanks to her professionalism and her gentleness, you immediately feel confident and this gives you the energy to accomplish beautiful things in your life.

Marine L.


More well-being with coaching and therapy

I have been seeking support from Prisca for over a year now, covering both professional as well as private issues through coaching and therapy. I can highly recommend Prisca as a coach and a therapist. She has an impressive toolkit of a number of methods at her disposal, and a good sense of which method is best suited to deal with the respective issue. Moreover, she has a friendly and positive attitude that keeps me comfortable even when dealing with emotionally demanding issues.
Overall, working with Prisca has added considerably to my mental health and well-being.

Isabel M.


Intuitive approach and purposefulness

I like Prisca Engeler’s support as a coach on a wide variety of personal issues. I particularly appreciate
1) her intuitive approach, which adapts very flexibly to me and my inner resistance,
2) the right balance between giving impulses and letting them work in me, so that I can find my own visions and solutions with her support
3) her purposefulness, besides all flexibility, which does not lose sight of the goal worked out at the beginning until the end, and thus makes it very easy for me to orientate myself in the process and to finally clarify my issues.
So: If you want to make progress with your personal issues, I can highly recommend Prisca Engeler!

Elke K.


Recovering from trauma at my own pace

After searching for a French-speaking therapist in Frankfurt, I stumbled upon Mrs. Engeler’s practice. After a first appointment where she explained to me how she works and where I could tell her about my concerns, I decided to start the therapy with her. Deciding to begin a therapy is a difficult choice, but I am very happy with it now.
The pace of the sessions was decided together and always at my own pace. Over the course of the sessions, I was able to gradually free myself from certain family problems, especially from my mother’s hold on my life, and I was also able little by little to begin to let go of my extreme need to plan everything…

I have been traumatized by the death of my father since I was a child and I have carried this burden, the pain of his death for many years without really being able to mourn it. Mrs. Engeler worked with me on this trauma by giving me time for each step.

She never rushed me or forced me to move on when I couldn’t. It was always at my pace. The therapy allowed me to free myself from this trauma little by little, gently. Throughout the sessions, I always felt listened and at no time was I judged. This environment of trust is really important for me.

We used several methods during the therapy, which Mrs. Engeler always explained to me first, and it was really nice to be able to decide for myself if these methods were right for me or not. To symbolize all the weights accumulated in my childhood, we used during the therapy “little bags” full of sand, which was for me a very enriching and especially very revealing experience. Writing down my goals or seemingly insignificant events and seeing them “taking shape” on paper may seem unimportant, but it was a great help for me.

She also helped me with my study methods, as well as with the conflicts I had at work. And all this work done together has really made me feel much better in my everyday life and my entourage notices it too. I am much more cheerful and I also notice that I have stopped having the negative vision that I had for so long that it seemed normal.

My therapy has helped me tremendously to move forward, and even if it is not finished yet, I know that I am very well supported, by someone who respects his patients and makes sure to find the best therapy and the best methods to work on oneself. A therapy has a lot of impact on everyday life, that’s why I think it’s important to be listened to and advised in the best possible way, and all this in mutual respect. I can only recommend Mrs. Engeler’s practice for that.

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Cindy V.F.


The stars of happiness are within ourselves.

– Heinrich Heine –

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Coach & therapist


Practice for Coaching and Psychotherapy
Schillerstraße 30, 4th floor
60313 Frankfurt on the Main

Tel.: +49 69 45 000 997

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English, German and French speaking counselling. On-site or virtual.